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Pen India Pvt. Ltd. now brings to you, the biggest, the best of Indian mythological sagas in glorious animation form. Ten enchanting animation films, each of approx. 100 minutes duration.


Ramayan, the epic Indian saga, of the fight between good and evil, is brought to life in a simple, entertaining and colourful version, certain to appeal to kids and the elderly alike.

This 100 minute film, depicts the story of Lord Rama, the avatar of Vishnu, from his birth to the final victory over Raavan in Lanka and returning with Sita to Ayodhya.

Covering all the major aspects of this epic, from the curse inflicted by the poor boy Shravan’s parents on King Dashrath, to the glorious swayamvar of Sita, to the devotion of Hanuman…Ramayan has something for everybody. This version of Ramayan is sure to appeal to all audiences in India and abroad, and would be an ideal initiation to the glorious Indian culture.


Cute, naughty, learned, devoted and above all, fiercely brave and courageous, Luv-Kush is the story of Lord Rama and Sita’s twin sons. Brought up in Rishi Vyasa’s ashram away from their father, they are kept unaware of their lineage by their mother, Sita. They grow up to be the pride of their mother and beloved of everyone at the ashram, until a chance meeting with Lord Ram and his Ashwamedha horse, which catapults this entire family to the brink of a fierce battle.

How the twins finally meet their father, Lord Ram and how Sita fulfills her vow of raising Ram’s heirs to be true warriors befitting his legacy, forms the rest of the story of this engrossing and entertaining animation film.


The elephant-head God, Ganesh, is one of the most revered and colourful of the Indian deities, and his story is also one of the most entertaining one. This animated feature brings to life the adventurous story of his birth and his confrontation with Lord Shiva, thus leading, to him receiving his elephant head.

This film also weaves highly entertaining, little-known, episodes from his life, culled from various folklore, making for a unique and fluid introduction to Lord Ganesh, for the young and the young-at-heart alike.


One is the most fearsome deities of the Indian culture and the other is the most revered, nurturing mother-figure. The story of Lord Shiva and Parvati, his consort, is as engrossing as can be. This animated version of their story brings to life in vivid form their adventurous courtship, leading to the most colourful marriage ever!

How their union was born of a necessity to save the world from the tyrannies of a Rakshas lord, Tarkasur, to the final victory of their sons, Karthik and Ganesh, over him, forms the rest of this extremely entertaining film.

Sai Baba

Sai Baba’s persona and magnetism pulls people from all faiths and walks of life to his abode in Shirdi, even today. His life-story is equally fascinating and full of valuable life-lessons for the young mind.

This animated film brings to life the story of Sai Baba from the perspective of a family, comprising two kids and their parents, in today’s times. How the presence of Sai Baba is felt in every good deed done to them, and their faith in the Sai saves them from tragedy time and again. Finally, the atheist father who is a scientist working on eradicating blind faith, learns the biggest lesson of his life, that is the power of faith. Told in extremely simple yet very engaging form, this animated film teaches the young impressionable minds valuable lessons of morals and good Indian values.


The fierce, strong and colourful son of Bheem and Hidimba, from Mahabharat, Ghatotkach and his antics make for an engrossing story, brought to life in an engaging 100 minute version in this animated film.

The film traces the story of Ghatotkach from his birth and his various childhood adventures, to his growing up into a courageous warrior, who plays a brave but tragic part in the great Mahabharat war. The story of Ghatotkach brought to life in this entertaining animated version, incorporates all the classic elements of fantasy, adventure and humour, and is sure to appeal to kids from all over.


The evil king in the great Indian epic Ramayan, was actually a great learned man, the biggest shiv-bhakt and a shrewd king. Raavan was a multi-faceted persona and a brave and ferocious warrior. His story makes for a fascinating watch, with themes of devotion, faith, determination and loyalty, depicted in various aspects of his life. His fascinating story and highly interesting, little-known incidents from his life are woven into this beautiful, animated adventure film.

Raavan the film, depicts the life-story of this ultimate villain, from his birth, to his growing years and the vengeful, hate-filled influence of his grandfather on him, to his final victory over Lanka. Then begins his journey towards his end, at the hands of Lord Rama, after he kidnaps Sita. Raavan is a sure-shot entertainer and is certain to engage young minds and teach them valuable lessons in morality and Indian tradition and values.


Hanuman, the lovable bachelor god, is beloved of all Indians. The son of Lord Shiva, god-son of Vaayu, his adventures as a kid, when he is unaware of his super-powers, his naughtiness, his pranks are brought to life in a beautifully woven story of Hanuman.

How Hanuman, the naughty prankster, grows to be the biggest devotee of Lord Rama, helps him in his quest to get Sita back from the clutches of the evil king Raavan, forms the rest of this story. Hanumans story is sure to teach kids about single-minded devotion, loyalty and bravery for generations to come. This film attempts to narrate this fascinating story in simple yet powerfully entertaining form using visually appealing animation.


The symbol of prosperity, knowledge and wealth, Ma Laxmi is revered by every Indian and holds a place of pride in every Hindu’s heart, home and temples. Lord Vishnu’s consort and the embodiment of Ma, the mother, and her various avatars make for an interesting, entertaining and engrossing story.

Laxmi, the animation film, depicts the story of Ma Laxmi’s origins and her various avatars in different eras. A complete entertainer, this film also teaches the values of nurturing, caring and the virtues of goodness, told in simple yet engaging manner. It is sure to appeal to kids of all ages and backgrounds.


One of the most recognizable, loved figures of Indian culture and mythology, Krishna and his stories make for an arresting, riveting tale. The extra-ordinary tale of Lord Krishna’s birth, his adventures as a kid, his pranks and playfulness, his bonding with everyone who comes across him and the devotion he evokes, is captured and brought to light in this wholesome, enchanting animation film.

This film narrates the tale from Krishna’s childhood friend, Sudama’s perspective. It traces the life of Krishna from his birth in the prison cell of Kansa, to his growing years in Vrindavan and Gokul, to his victory over his evil uncle Kansa, finally how as the king of Dwarka, Krishna, the all knowing, embraces everyone from all walks of life, including his childhood friend Sudama, as an equal.


Also see – Live Action Movies


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