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Amitabh Bachhan, Amrita Singh, Prem Chopra

Raja Azaad Singh rules over his people with compassion and fairness, and as result this region prospers. His wife, Durga, gives birth to a son, and there is considerable jubilation amongst his subjects. Then the British decide to take over his region, Azaad fights bravely, but he is outnumbered, both he and Durga are taken prisoner and made to work as slaves. Loyal subjects assist in getting their son out of the region, where he is adopted by a kind woman Jamuna and her husband.

Years later, while Durga, who has lost the use of her vocal chords, and Azaad are still slaves, their son, now named Raju, drives a horse-carriage (tonga) with a horse named Badal and a loyal dog named Moti; woos a proud and snobbish Rajkumari named Ruby, the daughter of Britisher Dr. Harry. When the British find out about Raju’s royal blood, they enmesh Azaad and him in web of lies of deceit, forcing them to a combat with each other in an open arena. Watch how father and son unknowingly fight each other, knowing fully well that only one of them will survive to tell this tale.

Price: INR 149.00


Amitabh Bachchan, Meenaxi Saheshadri, Pran

Price: INR 149.00


Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini, Rishi Kapoor

Naseeb, a story of destiny and fate, begins with a lottery ticket. A drunk who cannot pay his tab trades his ‘winning’ ticket to the waiter, Namdev (Pran), instead. Namdev decides to share this ticket with his three friends Damu (Amjad Khan), Raghu (Kader Khan) and Jaggi (Jagdish Raj). But when it turns out to actually be a winner, Damu and Ragu turn on the other two, murdering Jaggi and framing Namdev. Namdev goes on the run but Raghu and Damu intervene and throw him over a bridge into a river and Namdev is presumed dead. However he is rescued by a don (Amrish Puri) but no one is aware he is alive. Fast forward to ten years later – Damu and Raghu have used their stolen lottery money to build a fabulous hotel and make millions becoming very successful businessmen. Damu has used a share of his money to send his only son, Vicky (Shatrughan Sinha) to school in England. They have even employed Namdev’s oldest son Johnny (Amitabh Bachchan), Vicky’s best friend, as a waiter in the hotel. By coincidence (or by fate!) Johnny and Vicky who are the best of friends fall in love with the same beautiful singer, Miss Asha (Hema Malini). Julie (Reena Roy) is a childhood friend of Vicky’s who is in love with Vicky, but he only sees her as a friend. When Johnny discovers this, he and Julie sacrifice their own love to ensure that Vicky and Asha get together. At the same time, John’s younger brother Sunny (Rishi Kapoor) has fallen for Asha’s younger sister, Kim (Kim). Kim and Asha also happen to be the daughters of Jaggi, the man Namdev supposedly murdered. Namdev returns soon after and plans to take revenge against Damu and Raghu for separating him from his two sons Johnny and Sunny. The lives of all these characters become inter wined and Naseeb becomes a poignant story about love, friendship, sacrifice, deceit, revenge and above all, destiny.

Price: INR 149.00


Amitabh Bachchan, Amrita Singh

Police Officer Hanuman Prasad brings his pregnant wife to hospital for delivery. At the same time Ramesh Kumar, a magician, also brings his pregnant wife for delivery there. Unfortunately, his wife delivers a still-born child. Ramesh Kumar is worried that when she recovers she will die with shock. On the other hand, Hanuman Prasad’s wife delivers twin boys. When Hanuman Prasad learns of the serious plight of Ramesh Kumar’s wife, he offers the magician one of his new born sons.

The two little boys grow up separately, in separate homes. One grows to boyhood in the magician Ramesh Kumar’s house, and the other in his own father’s house. Ramesh Kumar dies while performing a daredevil trick. But his little son, Shyam, vows to perform the same trick one day and to prove that it could be done.

Hanuman Prasad is sent on a special mission by the ACP Sharma with a large consignment of gold. But the ACP himself is planning to steal the gold on the way with the help of a decoit named Shaitan Singh, and to put the blame for this deed on Hanuman Prasad. Shaitan Singh steals the gold consignment. But Hanuman Prasad learns that Shaitan Singh is going to travel by a certain train, and decides to confront the decoit. There is a big fight between them on the speeding train. Hanuman Prasad falls to his death. His little son, the second of the twins, vows to the ACP that one day he will find the real culprit who stole the gold consignment, and thus to clear his father’s name.

The little boy comes to a Hanuman temple to pray with this resolve. A clear sign of secret powers is revealed to him and he becomes ‘Toofan’.
Shaitan Singh goes to a Doctor to treat his hand. The Doctor recognizes him, and rings up the police. Shaitan Singh is caught, and sent to jail for 14 years. When he comes out, at the end of his long sentence, the two little boys have grown to young manhood. Toofan is the terror of goondas and killers and Shyam does magic tricks in the streets. A gangster, Vikram Seth, sees Shyam performing tricks and gets an idea. He involves Shyam in a fraud, and gets him in trouble. Shyam’s friend is killed on his way to village. Shyam vows to Gopal’s son that Gopal’s killer will die in the same way.

Meanwhile, Toofan lands up at the village where he runs into Shyam. The two brothers come face to face, and the whole story comes out. The two brothers now come together and find Shaitan Who is on the point of digging out the gold consignment from the ground. In the climax, Toofan and Shyam fufil their respective vows.

Price: INR 149.00

Allah Rakha

Jackie Shrof, Dimple Kapadiya, Shammi Kapoor

Karim Khan is employed as driver for a gangster named Don, who has an accident with his car, and asks Karim to take the blame for it for a hefty sum of cash, which Karim does so, and is imprisoned. But Don does not fulfill his promise, and as a result, Karim’s wife, Razia, and new-born son are left destitute. Razia complains to Police Inspector Anwar, who arrests Don and holds him in prison, pending his trial in court. When Anwar finds out that his new-born son, Iqbal, is in need of a pace-maker, which he is unable to afford, he makes a compromise with Don, who lets him have one. Iqbal undergoes surgery and a pace-maker number 786, considered lucky in Islamic faith, is attached to his tiny heart. But Don and a prostitute by the name of Banoo have other plans for Anwar, which they carry out successfully, and abduct young Iqbal, who ends up growing on the streets as an orphan named Allah Rakha. Several years later, Allah Rakha has grown up, and is friendly with a prostitute named Rani, who happens to be the daughter of Banoo. When News-reporter decides to do TV report on Rani’s life, she does not realize that she has opened up a Pandora’s box, that will bring the past back to life, and expose her life to danger, deceit, and possible death.

Price: INR 149.00

Tere Bin Laden

Ali Zafar, Pradhuman Singh, Seema Bhargava

“Tere Bin Laden” is a tongue-in-cheek comedy about an ambitious young news reporter (Ali Zafar) from Pakistan who is desperate to migrate to the US in pursuit of the American dream. His repeated attempts to immigrate are shot down as his visa is always rejected. But when things couldn’t look worse he comes across an Osama bin Laden look alike (played by Pradhuman Singh). Ali then hatches a scheme to produce a fake Osama video and sell it to news channels as a breakthrough scoop! Unfortunately there are serious ramifications as the White House gets involved and dispatches a overzealous secret agent on Ali’s trail.

Price: INR 299.00


Bobby Deol, Mugdha Godse

“HELP” is a supernatural horror thriller which draws upon the story of a malevolent spirit that refuses to leave the human world and is out to exact retribution for past crimes committed against it.

Protagonist Vic (Bobby Deol) is a successful horror film director in Bollywood and is married to Pia (Mugdha Godse). Pia and Vic are going through a difficult time in their marriage and in the midst of these troubled times they have to suddenly rush to Mauritius to take care of Pia’s ailing father. On landing in Mauritius and going back to Pia’s old family home Pia is confronted by her distant past which she has not had to face since she left Mauritius as a young 5 year old.

Little do they know that there’s something in this house. Something ancient and dark that remains hidden and silent. It can only wait, having been concealed in the shadows for years, poised to strike again. When Pia finds out that she is pregnant this darkly vicious spirit possesses Pia and starts to brutally kill the people close to her. As the darkness spreads, things start to get worse and the spirit tries to annihilate everything and everyone that comes in its way.

Now Vic must race against time to save his pregnant wife, who seems to be possessed by the spirit of her twin sister Dia who died when they were both 5 years old. With the help of a renowned parapsychologist, Dr. Aditya Motwani, Vic has only 36 hours to discover the dark and terrifying truth behind Pia’s family history of murderous madness and break the curse that has been put on them by a third mysterious other. Will Vic’s love gather the strength to survive the paranormal with Aditya on his side or will they witness the most horrifying truth of their lives.

Price: INR 299.00

Aan – Men At Work

Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Paresh Raval

Crime is at its highest peak in Mumbai with it split in three ways. Walia (Jackie Shroff) has one-third, Manik Rao (Manoj Joshi) has one-third and Roshni (Raveena Tandon) has a third of the Mumbai territory. The crime rate rises with more smuggling, trading and illegal activities soaring. Meanwhile, the CBI work constantly to stop this.

Inspector Vikram Singh (Shatrughan Sinha) is a disgrace to the police force and tends to handle the easy jobs. Appa Kadam (Suniel Shetty) is an encounter specialist who goes after the henchmen instead of the bosses, he is married to Janki (Preeti Jhangiani)and they have a son. Constable Khaled Ansari (Paresh Rawal) is a happy-go-lucky cop. The three men’s and the whole CBI’s fate changes with the arrival of their new boss.

DCP Hari Om Patnaik (Akshay Kumar) arrives and realises that the CBI are not serious and that no one is following the rules, regulations. Hari has a girlfriend, Kiran (Lara Dutta), whom he promises to marry. He is hesitant about his promotion but learns to accept it. He witnesses the way the others treat the henchmen and orders them to be released. But during an encounter the henchmen kill Khaled, making Vikram seek revenge.

He decides to join Hari and help him clear the city starting with Yusuf Pathan (Irfan Khan). Appa joins them and they soon plan to take on Walia and his gang. During the climax Appa dies in a trap set by a corrupt officer (Ajinkya Deo). Vikram and Hari manage to capture Walia, Manik and Roshni for their crimes and Mumbai is crime-free once again.

Price: INR 99.00


Emran Hasmi, Mallika Sherawat

Simran and Sudhir Saigal have been married for several years, and are settled in Bangkok, Thailand. They live a fairly harmonious but busy lives, and have a child, a son. When Sudhir returns unexpectedly, he finds his wife is having an affair with another man. He hires a private detective by the name of Ramanathan, who produces photographic evidence of her affair with a male, whose name is Sunny. Sudhir decides to meet Sunny, and there is a physical confrontation, which results in Sunny’s death. Sudhir takes the body, and buries it elsewhere, and returns home. A few days Bangkok Police Inspector Rajvir Singh arrives at their house to inquire about Sunny, who has been reported as missing. Shortly thereafter, Sudhir receives incriminating photographs of himself burying Sunny’s body. Sudhir tells Simran about his secret, and together they go to check if the body is still buried. Their shocking findings at the site will change their lives forever.

Living in Bangkok with her husband Sudhir and the child from his first marriage to her sister, Simran feels isolated in a foreign land and ignored by her husband. A chance meeting with an old flame leads to a renewed and passionate affair until she starts to realise how badly she could be damaging her marriage. Sudhir has indeed become suspicious and hired a private detective who gives him compelling evidence of his wife’s deceit. He sets out to confront his rival.

Price: INR 199.00

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