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Raaz (New)

Dino Maria, Bipasha Basu

RAAZ is a psycho – thriller with excellent musical score to match. It’s a story of a young couple Aditya Dhanraj (Dino Morea) and his wife Sanjana Dhanraj (Bipasha Basu). They are on the brink of a divorce. They decide to give their marriage one last shot and go back to Ooty. The place where they first fell in love.

Ooty and their dream house, however turns out to be a nightmare. Their house is haunted. There is someone there, and only Sanjana can see that. There seems to be a link between their crumbling marriage and the hauntings.

What is the reason for these hauntings? Who is haunting? Why their house..?

What is `RAAZ’. Do you want to know the secret?

Price: INR 199.00


Aftab Shivdasani, Bipasa Basu

Footpath is a story of three friends Arjun (Aftab Shivdasani), Raghu (Emraan Hashmi) and Shekher (Rahul Dev). All three have been born and brought up in the society and of Mumbai.Their life is full of joy and happiness until Arjun faces a calamity in which he loss his father, who is a righteous man .His friends revenge Arjun’s father’s death after which Arjun is forced to leave Mumbai for the fear of Police and take refuge in the stress of Delhi away from his friends and childhood love (Bipasha Basu) Sanjana.

But faith has something else in store for him. Even hiding for 12 years in recluse.police

Succeeds in tracing him and force into a mission which is full of betrayal,hate and falsehood against his own childhood friends, a dirty game in which life and childhood love is at stake.Whether Arjun succeeds or fails in this game forms the curx of the film FOOTPATH.

Price: INR 149.00


Emaran Hazmi, Shamita Shetty

Price: INR 199.00


Ashmit Patel, Vidya Malvade

“INTEHA” is a story about Nandini (Vidya Mallavde), who comes to KOTI from Bombay, to take care of her younger step-sister Tinna (Nauheed Cyrusi). Nandini sacrifices her dreams and aspiration to fulfil those of Tinna’s. But Tinna sees Nandini as burden to her life. All of Tinas dreams seem to be fulfilled when Ranbir (Asmit Patel) comes into her life, and she begins to falls in love with him. But Nandini is not happy with this, she disapproves of Ranbin from the very beginning. Tina disregards Nandin’s option believing that Nandini is jealous of her happiness.

While the love grows between Tina and Ranbir, the sisters grow apart.

Are Nandini’s worries, justified? Is Tina’s obsession, right? Who is right, who is wrong, only the story can tell.

Price: INR 0.00


Mithun Chakraborty, Pooja Bhatt

After getting into a violent confrontation, Shankar is arrested by the Police, tried in Court, sentenced to live outside the limits of the city, and must present himself at the nearest Police Station for the purpose of attendance. Shankar lives with a friend, Kadak, and one night comes across a woman in distress. He rescues her from some hoodlums, takes her home, and finds out that her name is Namkeen. Subsequently, he also finds out that she resembles a multi-millionaire Mohinidevi, who has gone missing. Shankar asks Namkeen to impersonate Mohinidevi, embezzle some of her wealth, so that the three can live a wealthy lifestyle. Namkeen agrees to do so, but the question remains where is Mohinidevi, and what will happen to Namkeen when she is found?

Price: INR 0.00


John Abrahum, Mahima Choudhary

Tanya and Vinod are in love with each other and plan to get married. Tragically, Vinod passes away in an accident, leaving a devastated Tanya alone to deal with his death. She believes that he will return to her somehow, and it is Dr. Akash Bhatnagar, who helps her to understand that Vinod is no more and will never return back to her. Akash is in love with beautiful Maya, and both get married. Malaria strikes in the border region of India and Burma and a pregnant Maya decides to be one of the medical staff to go there to assist the ailing. Thereafter, Akash receives the tragic news that the bus that Maya and the others were traveling in has met with an accident and that there were no known survivors. Akash is unable to accept Maya’s passing, and believes she is alive and wants to communicate with him through hospital patients who have suffered a dear-death experience. It is now Tanya’s turn to console Akash and make him see the light as he had done for her. But Akash is insistent that Maya is communicating with him, while Tanya and others are convinced that Akash is hallucinating and is losing his mind. Akash must now come to terms with Maya’s death, or travel to the Indo-Burma border to find out what happened to her and ultimately finds the answers he is looking for. The question does remain – will Akash’s trip be justified, or will he end up killing himself.

Price: INR 0.00


Ajay Devgan, Pooja Bhatt

Mrs. Desai (Pooja Bhatt) is a widow, who lives with his sons Ajay (Ajay Devgan) and Anand (Akshay Anand), who works for a right-wing organisation run by M.L.A. Subodh Malgaonkar (Ashutosh Rana). Ajay is married to Sonia (Sonali Bendre), who is pregnant and wants to relocate to England, where she can give birth to her child without any constraints of religion or caste. Ajay’s life is shattered one day when he comes to know that his mother is set ablaze in the communal riots between Hindu and Muslims due to the demolishing of Babri Masjid. Anand is hell-bent on taking revenge from those muslims who burnt his mother in broad day-light. His anger is fuelled by Subodh, who is using Anand for his own political interests. Its Ajay’s duty to abate his brother and make him understand the situation. Meanwhile, Mrs. Desai dies. However, Ajay has a bigger responsibility now – to fulfill his mother’s last wish – to cremate her according to Muslim rituals. Why did Mrs. Desai want this? What is the reason behind it? Whats hidden in her past?

Price: INR 149.00


Sanjay Dutt, Kajol, Ashutosh Rana

Sonia and Naina Sehgal (both played by Kajol) are twins. The two are completely different from each other, Sonia being the outgoing twin and Naina being the shy twin. At the same time the police are hunting for a killer and rapist. The man Gokul Pandit (Ashutosh Rana) is a cold-blooded animal and has chosen Naina for his next target. However tragedy strikes when Gokul brutally kills Sonia. Naina is distraught and vows to hunt down Gokul. Gokul soon goes after Naina and she realizes she needs help to overcome her fear of him. With that she meets Suraj Singh Rathod (Sanjay Dutt), a retired and blind major and he helps her physically and mentally to defeat her fear of Gokul. After an argument Suraj refuses to meet Naina and she decides to go after Gokul alone without the help of the police or Suraj

Price: INR 0.00

Red Swastik

Deep Shikha, DeepRaaz, Menaka Chopra

Sarika Is A Single Mother, Who Lives In Mumbai, India, Along With Her Physically Challenged Daughter And Works As An Editor With A Magazine. One Day She Gets A Phone Call From An Female Reader, Who Is Upset As Her Submission Was Not Printed. The Caller Seemed Threatening And She Notifies Her Friend, D.C.P. Chaudhary, Who Meets With Her But Is Unable To Provide Any Assistance. Then Late One Night Sarika Gets A Visit From Him And Crime Branch Inspector Sunil Ranade, Informing Her That A Businessman Has Been Brutally Knifed To Death With A Blood-smeared ‘Swastika’ Mark On His Forehead. They…

Price: INR 299.00

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