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Rajnikant, Jyotika,

The blockbuster ‘Chandramukhi’ of Superstar Rajinkanth created many records at the box office. The film produced by actor Prabhu set the record for being the longest running film in Tamil. The critically acclaimed colossal hit, ‘Chandramukhi’ has won several awards all over. Chandramukhi is the story of Senthil (Prabhu) and Ganga (Jyothika), who marry against the wishes of their extended family. The members of the family are miffed with Senthil and his mother fears for the newlyweds’ safety when they move into a mansion, next-doors to their cousin. Strange incidents start occurring as soon as they move into their new house. Some think these are the doings of the ’ghost’ of a former occupant, Chandramukhi. Ganga starts behaving strangely and Senthil calls upon his friend, a psychiatrist, Dr. Sarvanan (Rajnikanth) for help. How Dr. Sarvanan investigates the mystery and is he able to ‘cure’ Ganga, forms the riveting and thrilling part of the rest of this rocking musical entertainer.

Price: INR 299.00