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Kamal Hasan,
Asin, Mallika

When things start going wrong in a synthetic bio-weapons laboratory in Washington DC, various international organizations become players in a global cloak and dagger game.
The White house and CIA in the USA, P.M.’s office in India, environmentalists, terrorist organizations and various others converge and become part of global hunt – some inadvertently and some intentionally.

Starting in the 12th Century AD at the Chidambaram temple complex in South India, the film is a roller-coaster ride across time and continents. The master storyteller in an intriguing screenplay weaves the chaos theory and multiple chain of events into one cohesive, thrilling narrative. Spinning the story of Dashavtar is as difficult and arduous a task as explaining the 10 different characters played by Dr. Kamal Haasan; yet another one-of-a kind-attempt in world cinema by the thespian.

A film that is bound to set a new benchmark in cinematic excellence and in box-office.

Price: INR 199.00