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Ashmit Patel, Vidya Malvade

“INTEHA” is a story about Nandini (Vidya Mallavde), who comes to KOTI from Bombay, to take care of her younger step-sister Tinna (Nauheed Cyrusi). Nandini sacrifices her dreams and aspiration to fulfil those of Tinna’s. But Tinna sees Nandini as burden to her life. All of Tinas dreams seem to be fulfilled when Ranbir (Asmit Patel) comes into her life, and she begins to falls in love with him. But Nandini is not happy with this, she disapproves of Ranbin from the very beginning. Tina disregards Nandin’s option believing that Nandini is jealous of her happiness.

While the love grows between Tina and Ranbir, the sisters grow apart.

Are Nandini’s worries, justified? Is Tina’s obsession, right? Who is right, who is wrong, only the story can tell.

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