Johar In Kashmir

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I.S. Johar & Sonia Sahani

Tensions run high in Kashmir after the partition circa late 1940s. On the Indian side, two waring hoodlums, Ahmed and Aslam, have another reason to fight over with - beautiful Salma, the daughter of Hakim Mohammad Hussein. Salma is attracted to Aslam, but wants him to mend his ways, he heeds her advise, joins the army, and returns back as a Home Guard. When his mom, Zainab, goes to talk to Hussein about their marriage, she is killed by raiders disguised as Darvashi's (Islamic Holy men) from Pakistan, who also kill all of Salma's family, and abduct her. Aslam decides to track them down, arrange for the release of Salma, marry her, and bring the killers to justice. What Aslam does not know is that one of the killers is none other than Maula Khan - his Pakistan-based paternal cousin. Watch what happens when Aslam and his uncle realize this and the impact this will have on their relationship.

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