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Amitabh Bachchan, Amrita Singh

Police Officer Hanuman Prasad brings his pregnant wife to hospital for delivery. At the same time Ramesh Kumar, a magician, also brings his pregnant wife for delivery there. Unfortunately, his wife delivers a still-born child. Ramesh Kumar is worried that when she recovers she will die with shock. On the other hand, Hanuman Prasad's wife delivers twin boys. When Hanuman Prasad learns of the serious plight of Ramesh Kumar’s wife, he offers the magician one of his new born sons.

The two little boys grow up separately, in separate homes. One grows to boyhood in the magician Ramesh Kumar’s house, and the other in his own father’s house. Ramesh Kumar dies while performing a daredevil trick. But his little son, Shyam, vows to perform the same trick one day and to prove that it could be done.

Hanuman Prasad is sent on a special mission by the ACP Sharma with a large consignment of gold. But the ACP himself is planning to steal the gold on the way with the help of a decoit named Shaitan Singh, and to put the blame for this deed on Hanuman Prasad. Shaitan Singh steals the gold consignment. But Hanuman Prasad learns that Shaitan Singh is going to travel by a certain train, and decides to confront the decoit. There is a big fight between them on the speeding train. Hanuman Prasad falls to his death. His little son, the second of the twins, vows to the ACP that one day he will find the real culprit who stole the gold consignment, and thus to clear his father's name.

The little boy comes to a Hanuman temple to pray with this resolve. A clear sign of secret powers is revealed to him and he becomes 'Toofan'.
Shaitan Singh goes to a Doctor to treat his hand. The Doctor recognizes him, and rings up the police. Shaitan Singh is caught, and sent to jail for 14 years. When he comes out, at the end of his long sentence, the two little boys have grown to young manhood. Toofan is the terror of goondas and killers and Shyam does magic tricks in the streets. A gangster, Vikram Seth, sees Shyam performing tricks and gets an idea. He involves Shyam in a fraud, and gets him in trouble. Shyam’s friend is killed on his way to village. Shyam vows to Gopal’s son that Gopal’s killer will die in the same way.

Meanwhile, Toofan lands up at the village where he runs into Shyam. The two brothers come face to face, and the whole story comes out. The two brothers now come together and find Shaitan Who is on the point of digging out the gold consignment from the ground. In the climax, Toofan and Shyam fufil their respective vows.

Price: INR 149.00