Yeh Mera India

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Anupam Kher,
Rajpal Yadav

Every night when we go home and switch on the new channel, we find headlines full of violence, atrocities and we wonder how this world keeps moving in spite of so much of multi layered bias which is actually the root cause of all this. YEH MERA INDIA” is an attempt to explore the real stories behind these headlines. These stories deal with racial bias, communal bias, caste bias, gender bias, lingual bias and immigrant bias that plaque the today’s society and the outcome is startling, it is the human ability to redeem him at any given moment which reveals that behind every bad news there is good news. It is a story of one day in the life of 12 people from different strata of MUMBAI city which is a melting pot of cultures. They all start the day with a goal in mind but surprisingly end up achieving exactly the opposite, giving it a feel of Greek tragedy of futile human efforts in front of the inevitable destiny. But in “YEH MERA INDIA” it is more of a reversal of fortune from bad to good than from good to bad.

Price: INR 199.00