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Ajay Devgan, Pooja Bhatt

Mrs. Desai (Pooja Bhatt) is a widow, who lives with his sons Ajay (Ajay Devgan) and Anand (Akshay Anand), who works for a right-wing organisation run by M.L.A. Subodh Malgaonkar (Ashutosh Rana). Ajay is married to Sonia (Sonali Bendre), who is pregnant and wants to relocate to England, where she can give birth to her child without any constraints of religion or caste. Ajay's life is shattered one day when he comes to know that his mother is set ablaze in the communal riots between Hindu and Muslims due to the demolishing of Babri Masjid. Anand is hell-bent on taking revenge from those muslims who burnt his mother in broad day-light. His anger is fuelled by Subodh, who is using Anand for his own political interests. Its Ajay's duty to abate his brother and make him understand the situation. Meanwhile, Mrs. Desai dies. However, Ajay has a bigger responsibility now - to fulfill his mother's last wish - to cremate her according to Muslim rituals. Why did Mrs. Desai want this? What is the reason behind it? Whats hidden in her past?

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