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Ramayan, the epic Indian saga, of the fight between good and evil, is brought to life in a simple, entertaining and colourful version, certain to appeal to kids and the elderly alike.

This 100 minute film, depicts the story of Lord Rama, the avatar of Vishnu, from his birth to the final victory over Raavan in Lanka and returning with Sita to Ayodhya.

Covering all the major aspects of this epic, from the curse inflicted by the poor boy Shravan’s parents on King Dashrath, to the glorious swayamvar of Sita, to the devotion of Hanuman…Ramayan has something for everybody. This version of Ramayan is sure to appeal to all audiences in India and abroad, and would be an ideal initiation to the glorious Indian culture.

Price: INR 149.00


Animation Cartoon

Lava Kusa – the twin warriors, is a 2D action adventure feature film adapted from the great epic Ramayana. The film depicts the adventures of the mythological twins Lava Kusa… there growing up years with their mother Sita and sage Valmiki. And what happens when they come face to face with Lord Ram, their father. Lava and Kusa are born to Sita in Sage Valmiki’s hermitage situated in an idyllic forest. Enjoying the company of a host of forest friends like squirrels, monkeys, rabbits, tortoises and a giant falcon, Lava and Kusa grow up learning the wisdom of Ramayana and the art of war from Sage Valmiki.

Life is blissful till the twins go to Ayodhya, the abode of Lord Rama. It is here that Lava and Kusa learn that Rama, their father had wrongfully expelled Sita from his kingdom and sent her on exile to the forest. They return filled with rage and anger for Rama. An opportunity to get Rama to answer for his deeds in the light of the principle of dharma he espouses, comes when they intercept the white sacrificial horse of Aswamedha yagna. Lava and Kusa arrest the horse thus inviting the mighty Ayodhya Empire to a war against them. In a scintillating battle that sees a horde of dreaded, divine and magical weaponry the twins bring Satrugna and Laxman to their knees. The brothers and father now lock eyes. But before any harm is dome Sita and Sage Valmiki arrive and apprise Rama of the truth of Lava and Kusa being his sons.

Mythologicals, being mirrors of lives, a happy reunion is elided. Disregarding Rama’s invitation to return to Ayodhya with him Sita recedes into the earth, her mother. Rama pronounces Lava and Kusa as the crown princes of Ayodhya.

Replete with catchy music, special effects and a plot line that keeps us glued to the seats Lava Kusa: The Warrior Twins is a treat for children and adults alike.

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